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Is blacklisting employees ethical?

Deccan has published an interesting news article about National Skills Registry.

Here is the last paragraph of the article:

If a company finds out an employee faking his resume, it should take the responsibility to initiate validation. He will be blacklisted completely. Recently of the 100+ employees who were fired, over 60 employees who were on NSR database have been blacklisted,” said Sanjay. Currently, some companies are registering only new entrants. Where as some  like Zensar have all its employees on NSR. Mindtree is also planning to get its entire staff on NSR.

BlacklistingA company can initiate validation of employees’ resume. If the resume is faked, the employee is terminated from the job. In addition, employees can be blacklisted in the NSR database. Blacklisted employees cannot get a job or appear for interviews. Are such actions legal? Does NASSCOM and companies associated with NASSCOM have the right to deny jobs for potential candidates?

Companies associated with NASSCOM are not necessarily ethical. Most Indian companies inflate the resume of their staff when positioning them to work with clients. Is that ethical? Can Indian IT services companies fake the credentials of their staff?

While working with Microsoft Global Delivery, I was assigned to a Sharepoint project. I had little exposure to Sharepoint. My job involved advising developers who had over three years of Sharepoint experience on how to use Sharepoint. This is an acceptable practice in the industry.

So, why should we blacklist employees who fake credentials in resume? Such employees are fired, anyways. Why should a blacklist happen? Blacklisting is not a good practice.

Blacklisting can happen for various reasons including

  • Fake credentials
  • Poor relieving experience
  • Feedback from the line management

In my opinion, Blacklisting employees is not ethical.

4 Responses to Is blacklisting employees ethical?

  1. At the moment, I cannot say whether it is right or wrong. But it certainly becomes a tool in the hands of unscrupulous people to victimize a right doer.

    I was working for a nationalized bank. There was wide spread irregularities and frauds in the organization. Wrong doers were controlling the system in the form of a de-facto management. I used to report regularly to the higher authorities, about, whatever irregularities came to my notice. But nothing ever happened. On the contrary, all efforts were made to involve me in the wrong doings activities. In the process, I was subjected to, lot of harassment which I resisted and did not allow them to succeed in their endeavor. Finally one day, a false allegation was made against me, on the plea that I refused to obey administrative instruction. Two people were witness. Inquiry was conducted, where inquiry officer was their man, witnesses were their men and management was already in their hand. However, no punishment was awarded firstly because, I was knowing the entire details of their wrong doings; and secondly, one of the higher officials who was responsible to decide the punishment, wanted to help me.
    After this incident, I got convinced about one thing, that is, it would not be possible for me to defend myself every time, especially if a serious allegation made. In order to prove me guilty, they needed only two witnesses which, any of their members could be asked to become. I did not want to take un-necessary risk. Therefore I decided to quit my job.
    After I resigned seven years back, I tried to get an alternative job. But could not become successful. I had a very tough time during this period, in my efforts in making both ends meet. After some time, I could understand that, there was something wrong behind my not getting a job. But could not know for sure. I came to know about being blacklisted just few days back. It was not a surprise for me, since I was doubting something like that. I knew it for sure that, there was absolutely no ground on which I could be blacklisted. So, I understood that, the only intention of making me blacklisted, was to prevent me from disclosing to anyone about the irregularities & functioning of the organization.

    One can understand that, with a positive intention, blacklisting may be useful. But when it becomes a tool in the hands of wrong doers, it is undoubtedly disastrous. After all, blacklisting is not a disclosed list. It is something like an underworld operation, possibly managed by wrong doers only. So it is bound to be illegal and must be banned.

  2. king_atlus says:

    i think black listing is awful. the employer does not know how they can ruin someone both economically and emotionally. they don’t take into account that they have a family that they need to feed and take care of. sucks how 1 asshole can ruin someones life completely.

  3. Kartikeswar Senapati says:

    Are we, in reality, ruled by Dawood Ibrahim?

  4. Natarajan Iyer says:

    Strictly speaking, when even death by hanging is considered illegal and as the last resort and only to be finalized by competent courts, and that too after appeal to various high courts, then the supreme court and then the president, any action such as blacklisting is thoroughly illegal.

    It violates the fundamental spirit of the constitution and the rights and privileges granted to an individual by the Indian Constitution.

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